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Belswagger Morris are one of South East Queensland's oldest and finest Morris Dancing sides; specialising in Cotswold traditions. They will be one of our key Olde English Fair attractions at this year’s fair.


Prima Spada School of Fence will be performing throughout the day at the Olde English fair and also will be providing free tuition on a group basis for anyone interested.

Prima Spada Duel.jpg

 A sample of Prima Spada performing at the Abbey Festival in 2018.

Prima Spada School of Fence is a fencing school with five Salles operating in south-east Queensland, Australia and one Salle in Tasmania, Australia. Based on the work of European masters of the 16th and 17th centuries, Prima Spada endeavours to promote the art of Renaissance European swordplay as a modern sport.

​​​Prima Spada is more than simply a school name; it is a teaching system and style of modern Renaissance swordplay.  Our system has been developed along a period-accurate basis, utilising both ancient and modern mechanics, concepts, and weapons.

​Swordplay as taught by Prima Spada is a full body activity that builds good posture and bearing, middle-body strength and flexibility, and exercises the mind to think tactically and strategically.  To ensure that the enjoyment of this art form may be accessible to as many people as possible Prima Spada offers free instruction in four forms of fencing.  

Come and see them in action and join in with some instruction at the Olde English Fair on Saturday 16th May 2020



Birkdale State School Choir on Followmon

The Birkdale State School Choirs, under the capable leadership of Helen Deagon, have been a part of the Olde English Fair for many years.​

The beautiful choral uniforms and the way the children present and sing is a true credit to the school.

This year there will be 4 separate choirs performing and we look forward to their presentation.

The Olde English Fair is indebted to the Principal and music staff of Birkdale State School for their community support in this way.


Why not come and hear the wonderful local talent of these dedicated children? 



Punch and Judy, Puppets, magic and lots of fun with Carl from Puppetrix, at the Olde English Fair this year.

Carl’s interactive Punch and Judy puppet show is guaranteed to entertain children and adults of all ages! The show takes the popular characters and story from the traditional show and presents it in a fun, family friendly way!

Our hand carved ‘figures’ have a cartoon-like look about them, enabling even the youngest of children to happily embrace and engage with the colourful characters and the story.

The loveable Mr Punch is as mischievous as ever. Judy is a bossy boots and Joey the clown loves to play tricks on everybody. Watch the baby learn to walk and look out for the crocodile!!


Puppetrix will be one of our key Olde English Fair attractions at this year’s fair on the 11th May.

Make sure you are there to enjoy the day and all it offers.

Companie of Knights Bachelor are a medieval living history group based in Brisbane. They focus on the period 1150 to 1250, Crusaders in the Holy Lands.

The Companie meets on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm in the Community Hall in Love Street, Spring Hill.

The Olde English Fair is privileged to have this group join us to add atmosphere and fun to the day. They give numerous fighting displays, coin stamping and more.

Come and see them in action at the Olde English fair.


The Redlands Spinners and Weavers will be demonstrating their crafts and skills at the Olde English Fair on Saturday the 11th May.

The group has been operating in the Redlands since 1978 and had used to demonstrate back in the 1980's at our Olde English Fair. They returned in 2017 and have been demonstrating here ever since. It is great to have "old friends" and new ones, join us once again.


Redlands City Choir.jpg

The Redland City Choir has been providing pleasure for many people in the Redlands, both as choir members and the general public. It features at nearly every major event in the city and is a delight to listed to.

The choir has performed at the Olde English Fair in the past and it is an honour to have them with us again this year.


(Performing Gypsy Dance)

Ruby Gypsy Dancers.JPG

The Troupe has a huge presence every year at the Abbey Medieval Fayre in Ningun near Bribie,  600-1600AD. This Fayre is the biggest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Gypsies (nick name for the Egyptians) started to travel to England and wider Europe when the Crusaders returned (dating back to the 10 -12th century).


Gypsies were originally thought to have come from Egypt and some of the earliest references to them in English, referred to them as “Egyptians”. The Gypsies, (often also referred to as Romani), are found across all of Europe and make up the continent's largest tribal ethnic minority.

At the Olde English Fair, the troupe will perform Gypsy style dancing.